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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Everyone understands our highways can be dangerous. Traffic is often congested, and motorists are sometimes distracted. Not surprisingly, car collisions are frequent and insurance companies defend these claims by the thousands. The insurance adjusters are trained to diminish your claim, settle quickly, and close the claim.

Don’t fall for their games. Instead, pick up the phone and call James.

Victims Of Multiple Car Accidents

Because motor vehicle accidents are commonplace in our modern, mobile society, many people, unfortunately, find themselves victims of multiple accidents. An experienced personal injury attorney is needed to navigate these difficult situations. You need an attorney that understands the medical record and puts your health paramount during the claims process. The insurance companies put their profit margin above everything else. James Broussard has extensive experience representing victims of multiple accidents, even taking many clients that other attorneys refused because they had had “too many accidents.” No matter if this is your first motor vehicle accident or one of many, we are here to fight for your recovery.

You May Need Specialized Medical Care

Your health is our primary concern at James Broussard, Injury Lawyer. We understand that proper medical providers and specialists are crucial for a full and speedy recovery. We work with many providers that are highly trained and experienced in providing medical care to those injured in motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, the recovery is not always quick, but we are here to guide through the process so that you can focus on your health with the aid of your recovery team. In doing so, we work with the medical providers to ensure that questions regarding medical causation are clearly answered through your medical record.

We Will Get Full Value For Your Case

Motor vehicle crashes can cause severe injuries requiring extensive, and costly, medical treatment. Health insurance claims can get denied further complicating and slowing the claimant’s recovery. People are sometimes not able return to work following an automobile accident. We see that you receive the medical treatment you need, while recovering the full amount of your damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical care, and treatments. Clients of James Broussard have received six and seven figure settlements, even clients with prior accidents.

Experienced Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney - James Broussard, Esq.

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