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Why James Broussard?

My legal practice is focused on fighting for the rights of accident victims. I seek justice for individuals who have been injured due to the fault or negligence of others. Personal injuries sustained through trauma, physical or mental, can be debilitating, life altering events. Many accident victims cannot work and require extensive medical treatment and procedures. Psychological counseling may become necessary. These are stressful times, and injured claimants need support and guidance through the difficult processes of their case. My clients have often lamented that they view their lives in terms of “before my accident” vs. “after my accident.” 

Our Approach.

I view my job as bridging the gap between “before” and “after.” My job is more than collecting a fair settlement or money judgment at the conclusion of your case. As your attorney, I will endeavor to serve as a mindful, compassionate advocate for your rights, who is both knowledgeable of personal injury law and highly skilled in the courtroom. Whether before a judge or jury, I am not afraid to go to court and fight for your rights. Beyond that, and more importantly, we are here to service your medical needs to ensure that you heal to as close to “before your accident” as possible. We work with a network of patient-oriented healthcare professionals specialized to treat victims of traumatic events. Finally, we fight with insurance companies and their attorneys to fairly conclude your case, so that you may endeavor to bridge your gap.  

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