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Understanding Dog Bite Injury Claims In LouisianaIn this article, you will discover:

What Are The Most Common Types Of Injuries Sustained In Dog Bites Incidents?

While the physical bite may not be as vicious as in some cases, the psychological trauma associated with dog attacks or dog bites can be quite severe. Some people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or reoccurring dreams and develop a fear of dogs as a result of a particular incident. In these cases, the mental aspect can be just as important to take care of with the plaintiff as the physical aspects of the injury.

A skilled attorney will help you obtain compensation for these types of injuries, and guide you toward the medical attention and treatment you need. Sometimes that involves a psychologist, psychiatrist, or another mental health professional to help you deal with the mental injuries as well.

Who Is Liable In A Dog Bite Injury, And Under What Circumstances In Louisiana Would A Pet Owner Not Be Held Liable?

Louisiana operates under strict liability to the dog owner. This means the dog owner does not need to know that the dog has a propensity towards violence. If you own a dog that is not properly restrained and it causes an injury, then you are strictly liable under the law.

The only way a dog owner wouldn’t be strictly liable is if they can show that someone either provoked the dog or that the dog wasn’t unreasonably dangerous because it was maintained properly. For example, your dog should be properly secured if you let them out into the yard. If a neighbor’s child jumps over the fence onto your property to retrieve a ball and your dog bites them, you would not be held liable because your dog was maintained and secured.

In most cases where the pet owner is liable, the dog simply gets out of the backyard or is not on a leash. In those cases, strict liability applies, and the court will hold the dog owner liable.

What Types Of Damages Should Someone Seek If They Have Been Injured In A Dog Bite Incident?

It is common to seek all damages for all injuries sustained. In a lot of dog bite cases or dog attack cases, there is both a physical injury component and a mental injury component. The mental component can sometimes last even longer and be more severe for the claimant than the physical injury.

A knowledgeable attorney will discuss whether you’re having recurring nightmares or if, all of a sudden, you have a fear of dogs. They will also assess whether you have felt anxious or depressed since the incident. These are quite common in dog attack cases, especially when you have a large, ferocious dog. The trauma from the incident is not just a bite, but the attack itself.

With A Dog Bite Incident, Is It Cheaper To Just Conduct Negotiations With The Insurance Company Or Pet Owners Instead Of Retaining An Attorney?

While you wouldn’t be paying attorney fees if you don’t consult legal counsel, there would probably be several elements of damages that would be overlooked. An experienced lawyer would demand that the insurance company pay.

Most people want their medical bills paid. They have a tendency to deny how serious their mental injuries are, and they just hope it will go away with time. They end up selling their claim for far less than it’s worth far too soon.

If you choose that path, you can never get a second chance. Once you settle your claim, it is settled, even if nightmares or depression start to set in later on down the road.

Our firm advises that you seek legal representation in any personal injury claim. Don’t go at it alone. Insurance companies are professional defenders of lawsuits, and you need a professional prosecutor for your case. An experienced lawyer will be able to fight on your behalf.

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