Our Legal Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, we all know that the roads are increasing dangerous these days. Our firm represents the victims of car, truck, motorcycle, bus, and other motor vehicle crashes.

Truck Accidents

Becoming more common, we fight for full compensation for those injured through the fault or negligence of a truck driver.

Person Injury

With a record of success and the passion to fight for our clients, we won’t back down from even the most difficult injury cases.

Maritime & Offshore

While vessels have become far more advanced, offshore work remains on of the most dangerous industries in the world.

Workers’ Compensation

Do not trust the insurer or even your employer when they tell you do not need legal representation. We fight for people injured on the job regardless of fault or negligence.

Medical Malpractice

. If you believe you, or a loved-one, were injured, or your healthcare condition was exacerbated, because of the fault or negligence of a healthcare providers contact us today.

Premises Liability

The law in Louisiana generally favors the premises owner -- and not the injured patron -- so these cases are often hotly contested

Dog Bite / Attack

Dog attacks can not only physical scars, but severe emotional distress and anxiety can result from a traumatic event such as a dog attack.

Defective Products

Unfortunately, many products get to the market without proper testing or research. The result can be severe, or even catastrophic.

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